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Help Installing Java

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I'm on Windows XP and I'm seeking help for installing Java.
I've been almost desperately trying to download java and nothing I do seems to help. I keep getting the message when I try to install that: "The installer cannot continue with the current internet settings".
I have tried disabling my Proxy, and that didn't work. I've also tried to reset my settings to default and that is still no help. I have tried downloading the offline version but Every time I do, a wizard interrupts the installation and says: "The wizard was interrupted before Java(TM) update could be completely installed."

Also, I've noticed that I have "Java(TM)6 update 15" In my control panel and each time I try to remove it, it says: "Fatal error during installation" So I don't know how to remove that.

I used to run Java perfectly find before I had to reset the PC over a virus before. But now that it's renewed and all, I just can't seem to install Java.

Can I please have some help?

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I have experienced such problem once..I tried installing both 1.6 or 1.7 but it was always interupted. This is what to do, go to your program files where u have ur installed files then delete the java folder there..preferably do this under windows safe mode. Make sure you completely delete any existing files therein. Your experience with internet setting s to me has nothing to do with installing you saw that even after restoring to the defaults its still giving the same problem...good luck.