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Free Java Webinar

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Hi All-

We will be running a FREE Java webinar next Thursday at 3 PM eastern and would like to invite anyone that is interested. Click here to join...

The What's New in Java 5, 6, & 7 webinar will provide an overview of the new features in the latest releases of Java:

-New features in Java 5: annotations, generics, for each loop, var-args, enums, static imports
-New features in Java 6: Scanner, Formatter, JVM optimizations
-New command line tools and performance tuning options
-New features in Java 7

This webinar will feature material from DevelopIntelligence's Advanced Core Java training course. The speaker, Kelby, is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, Developer, and Architect and is the founder and president of DevelopIntelligence.

Click here to join...