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Facing issues when converting PDF files to images using PDFRenderer

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Joined: 2011-12-26

I am using PDFRenderer to convert PDF files to images( for print preview purpose ).

After image converion the contents of PDF files are getting changed. Some spaces are getting placed in between the letters for some of the words. The special characters( are behaving improperly. Below are some of the examples of such words.

, ,

Evenif I have used the latest jar of PDFRenderer the end result is not fruitful.

Please help urgently.

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Joined: 2013-09-26

Here is a PDF conversion SDK that provides flexible PDF conversion functionalities to convert PDF files to Microsoft Office, Open Office, Tiff, JPEG, text, web pages and other formats with just a few codes while preserving the orignal content and formatting of the PDF file.

Joined: 2012-11-10

would you give me the source file?