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Dificulty in display table tag.. urgent

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Joined: 2011-09-26

HI I m using Display tag in my JSP it works fine , my problem is d8, i want to use display column value eobiNo in row check box value my code is

<form id='frm1' action="" method="post">
<display:table id= "prospectiveList" name="requestScope.processProspectivePensionerForm.prospectiveList" requestURI="" pagesize="50" style="font-weight: lighter; font-size: 13px; color: black; font-family: verdana; overflow: auto; height:200%;">

<display:column title="All<br><input type='checkbox' name='masterCheck' onClick='checkedAll();' onchange='activeAll();'>" style='width:2.5%; align: left;'>

<input type="checkbox" align="center" name="rowCheckBox" id="rowCheckBox" value="" />

<display:column property="eobiNo" title="EOBI No" paramName="eobiNo" style="align: left; width:12%;" />
<display:column property="firstName" title="Name" style="align: left; width:18%;"/>
<display:column property="newNicNo" title="NIC" style="align: left; width:16%;"/>


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Joined: 2011-09-26

i find solution with javascript, but still want to do without javascript