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Database Choice for Application Help

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Joined: 2012-01-09

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Java and I build a desktop application or created the full layout without any functionality yet. I was wondering what database is used for common desktop applicaitons? I heard of JDBC and I am not to familiar with it. Currently, I use Eclipse for my development enviroment. Any information or reference material would be greatly appreciated to get me in the right direction.

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Joined: 2012-01-27

JDBC is the technology used to connect from a Java client to a relational database; it's not a database in and of itself.
You are new to Java...are you new to databases as well? MySQL is the probably the most popular starter database, bundled with most hosting services. Oracle is the best for enterprise applications, with a learning curve to match.

When you get beyond the desktop and want to create multi-user database applications for web browser clients, check out the book 'Java Web Database Application Development' at:

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I always use MySql Server. It has a JDBC driver. There are lots of tutorials on the internet of how to hook up to a MySql database.