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Create a Desktop Application to control the PIC Microcontroller

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Joined: 2011-09-18


I am a newbie.

I am given a project to create a desktop application to control a Pic microcontroller.

I already have a software that was provided by the module(called usbcnc), but it runs only in windows.

Please help me.

I have knowledge of basic java.

Please let me know the topics that i should learn and anythink regarding this project.

thanks for reading.

Srikanth Chilivery

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Joined: 2011-09-03

Did you say Basic? I think you're 2 steps behind doing this project of yours cos you need to be advanced in Java before attempting this kind of stuff man.. and thats a lot of time (x) of careful research and study...

Basic- Intermediate - Advanced

If you have advanced knowledge in any other language like C,C#,php etc..then you might fit into intermediate Java programing.