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Character string extraction from a text file

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Please I am a beginner in java, I want to extract information from a text file. is the following:
From: 55555565
From_SMSC: 78987555
Sent: 00-02-21 22:26:23
Received: 00-02-21 22:26:29
Subject: modem1
Alphabet: ISO
UDH: false


I want to extract the first line which is exactly the number " 55555565 " and the last line is "pr2".

for now I just use the code that allows me to extract only the last line"pr2".

Scanner scanner = new Scanner(new File(/home/Desktop/ivw.txt));
String line = null;
while (scanner.hasNextLine()) {
line = scanner.nextLine();


I want to retrieve information both the first line and the last line so that I can put each in a variable.

thank you for your help

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Joined: 2013-11-28

scanner.nextLine(); reads one line every time your while loop executes so you have to write your logic in while loop.

try to print line object in while loop you will get idea of next step.