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Can anybody help me running PLATOON.jar via KEmulator

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Joined: 2013-08-28

Hi! Craig here!

After searching the web for a year I gave up and entered this forum. I bought the game PLATOON from "Digital Bridges" / "Mobile Gang" years ago. It runs wonderful on my old SIEMENS S55. I transferred it to my PC. I am using Kemulator (good emulator for mobile games). But it can´t run the Siemens-Games. If you try to load the game the error message appears: FAIL TO LOAD MIDLET CLASS:..... I checked the manifest, but I am a beginner in Java. Other versions of the game work, but they are a bit different in gameplay. As I record all the games on DVD as longplays I need that version (V 1.4.9) to be playable on the PC.

Can you help me?