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ASAP - question about the command "classpath"

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Joined: 2014-06-23

I am not familiar with Java but I am trying to apply for a job in testting the following java application.
I have received a tool written in Java and I need to run it with the command line:

java -classpath ./bin com.test.Main myinputfile.txt myoutputfile.txt sort

Main class should receive 3 parameters: inputfile, outputfile, action.

Of course I have installed Java on my computer (Windows env.).

The problem is that I receive this error:
"could not find or load main class com.test.Main"

I searched over the Internet and I saw that I need to specify the path where "Main" class is located.
Main class is located in my c:\rachel\FileManipulator\bin\com\test

What should I type exactly in order to run this Main class please?

Waiting for your kindly reply, please a.s.a.p.....

Thansk you!!! Rachel