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Application compatibility

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I've developed an application that I want to distribute.
The problem is that less than half the people that have tried to use it have had success.

I'm running Windows Vista, and compiled my program using JDK1.6.0.
The application is contained in a .jar file, and has several other .jars as dependencies.
The application runs fine on my computer, though when I copied it to another (running windows XP) it would not run.

I've tried bundling it with the JRE, writing a batch file, and creating a .exe launcher using JSmooth, but none of these seem to make the program runnable for the majority of users.

I don't think the problem is OS-related. Of the few people that have gotten it to run, XP, Vista and windows7have been successful--the same have been unsuccessful.

I've tried changing a number of things to see how they affect usability, but so far none of them have shown positive results.

Any ideas?

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Usually, you put your jar and all its dependencies (other jars) into the same directoty and
use the Class-Path entry of the manifest to link them together.

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I've done as much. All of the .jars are in the same directory, and the manifest sets the classpath and main class. The application is distributed as a zip folder.
I've heard of extracting java files from zipped folders causing problems, but when I tested it on XP, I copy/pasted the files without using any extraction tools.

Joined: 2011-01-04

I'm still having this problem. I've noticed a strange pattern, though: it seems that my applications run fine on laptops, but not desktops.
The only thing I can think of that might be causing this is jinput, but even then, it's a rather confusing pattern.