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Applet copy/paste not working after upgrading JRE 1.7

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Joined: 2013-11-20

I have applet which loads form. The form has text, textarea, dropdown, checkbox controls. After upgrading to JRE 1.7 Im not able to right click inside my text fields to copy/paste any content.

My JAR file is dually signed and security permissions set. I have also tried the workaround by changing settings in .java.policy file :

// "standard" properies that can be read by anyone permission java.awt.AWTPermission "accessClipboard";

Interestingly enough I can do copy/paste by right click inside my TEXTAREA control but not inside any other control.

Any suggestions/advice?


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Joined: 2013-11-28

Which update of jre1.7 you are using?

Did you checked the developer tools java console log?

Joined: 2013-11-20

The version is 1.7u45. yes, I checked the console log. Do I need to look for some specific information in the logs?