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Access ocx with Groovy/Scriptom - mapping DISPID

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Hello all.
I'm getting an error (bellow) when trying to access the methods of a ocx of third party, with Scriptom (Groovy). I checked that there are already folders, in the Scriptom structure, containing DISPIDs of some Windows applications, such as SAPI (site's example ) and .txt files in typelib folder, where the .ocx/.olb addresses of files these applications are described.If the Scriptom uses these files (.txts + content of org\codehaus\groovy\scriptom\tlb) as base to talk with the COM object, my question is, How I do to generate a structure as this to a ocx of third party ? If not are this the files used for Scriptom: How It identifies the methods and variables of the ocx file? How can I simulate it?
I observed that there is a script called extractTblInfo.groovy that, from what I understand, create these interfaces (classes containing the DISPID in the /tlb folder). I tried to run it, but I have strange errors (bellow). I feel lost here (... lol ...). I'd appreciate if someone could help me.

Exception - ocx call method:

Caught: Can't map names to dispid:setLicenseKey Can't map names to dispid:setLicenseKey

Code - Chamada m