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Binaries and/or compile instructions (docs) for phoneME?

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Joined: 2009-11-20

Hi all,

I have a WM6.5 running older version of phoneME. Since we have hit the memory limit (32MB), I did a bit of research and found out there is a fix for it. So, I needed newer binaries of phoneME.

I have been trying to compile the phoneME advanced for few days now. I got the sources from the's svn repository. I found Davy's instructions and succeeded building for wm5. However, the cvm does not want to run :/ Build dir for wm6.5 is not present at all!? Compiling for wince50 ended in unresolved external reference and that is where I put a hold onto compiling, for now.

Either way, I downloaded the binaries Davy provided. They all (wm5, wm6, wce, ppc) did work, but the resolution on our device is messed up, ending with not displaying app properly.

So, I am thinking in two directions now:

1) Where can I find binaries for wm6.5 (kernel wince 5.2...I think), so I save myself misery of compiling the thing on WinOS (or I will end installing some Linux distro).

2) Better instructions for compiling.

Buying beer for help.

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Joined: 2009-11-20

Well, I got everything compiled, but the build won't work on the device. Anyone have any ideas as to why?