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player.setRate(-0.5) fails in DVRExcersizer extension

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i am working on FastForward() and Rewind() API of DVR. There is an array of
possible playback rates defined. getrNextPlaybackRate() takes values from this
array and returns to FastForward() / Rewind() API. To set the requested play rate
it calls player.setRate(). Its seems very lower level api. and even if i am adding
some new values to the playback rate array (e.g. -1.25, -0.5, -1.75), player.setRate()
takes the nearest possible rate( like, if requested rate= -1.25 then player.setRate()
sets playback rate to -1.0 Same for -1.75 is taken as -2.0 and -0.5 is taken as -1.0).
What is the solution to fix this bug?

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Sorry for the delay.

Controller/Player.setRate() allows the effective rate to be returned to the caller ("Returns: The actual rate set"). The effective rate is returned due to the fact that native playback systems don't typically allow arbitrary playback rates/trick modes.

See mpeos_mpeos_dvrGetPlayScales() and mpeos_dvrSetTrickMode() for more information.

Joined: 2012-07-09

any updates on this?