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GST tuning is failing in RI trunk r36653

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I am testing the RI trunk till the revision 36653 on linux (ubuntu) with 2 tuner configuration. While running the tunetest I found that, all the tune requests which are happening on Tuner-1 are failing (recieved AlternativeContent) and all the tune requests which are happening on Tuner-2 are passing (resulting in NormalContent).
In case of Tuner-1 requests, TIMEOUT event is coming for PAT due to which tuning is failing. I could not understand why this is happening. But I tried the below things to make all my tunings pass:

1) Interchanged the values for TunerRxPort's for tuner.0 and tuner.1 in platform.cfg i.e.
RI.Headend.tuner.0.TunerRxPort = 4141
RI.Headend.tuner.1.TunerRxPort = 4140
With this change, all the tunings are started passing. I wonder how Tuner-2 (which is having TunerRxPort as 4140 now) tunings are passing.

2) Reverted the change made in revision 36559. Retained the below if block in gst_TunerInit() function.
if (AF_INET == pSrvr->ai_family)
With this change, all the tunings are passing. I think this change is related to IPv6. Can you please explain more about this?

3) In gst_TunerInit() function, port number 4140 is used for getting srvrInfo through getaddrinfo() call.
.............some block of code.................
hints.ai_family = AF_UNSPEC;
hints.ai_socktype = SOCK_DGRAM;
hints.ai_flags = AI_PASSIVE;
snprintf(portStr, sizeof(portStr), "%d", 4140); // TODO: read from cfg

if (0 != (ret = getaddrinfo(NULL, portStr, &hints, &srvrInfo)))
..............some block of code...............
I have changed this port number to 4144 which is not used for any TunerRxPort in platform.cfg. All the tune requests are passing with this change.

Now please explain, why I am facing the problem with GST tuner? When I use VLC for linux all tunes are passing. Are you not facing this problem with your environment?

I am attaching the log where you can see the failure scenario.

RILog_GST.txt.zip498.71 KB

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trunk revision 36848 should correct the port assignment issues...

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#3 is a bug (and should be entered) and is probably why #1 works for you.
#2 code was removed to prevent biasing IPv6 connections and use the first connection found.

The bug has probably not been discovered until now as most of our testing is performed with a single tuner configuration and the GST tuner type is the default only for Linux even further limiting the testing coverage...