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Feasibility of Getting browser application running along with OCAP-J applications

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Joined: 2012-07-09

hii all..!!!
I am trying to make an application in which I have hackberry development board with linux on it. and i am going to port ocap stack onto linux. My idea is to run browser apps along with
OCAP-J apps(used in IPTV). Firstly i want to know whether this thing
is possible or not. If yes what should be the basic architectural design to run both
browser as well as OCAP-J apps?
please give your suggestion asap!
thanx in advance.

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Joined: 2004-05-24

Hi Swati,

I don't see a problem to run both environments in parallel.

If you want them to interface with each other,
you can write an OCAP application that acts as a web server
and use the browser as a client.



Joined: 2012-07-09

thnx for replying Michael. i am trying to work on the Solution which you have suggested but
can you give brief idea that how it can be implemented?
do you have any design to propose this?