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EOS triggers while pausing a presenting service

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As suggested in CL597, "time to reach EOS" formula is implemented in trickplay scenario [TDK test case TC0582].

When PAUSE rate is applied with sufficient buffer availability, the rate was set successfully.
Meanwhile, EOS is getting triggered twice from GStreamer.

While receiving RateChangeEvent for 0.0, the rate is changed from 0.0 to 1.0 due to DVR.START_OF_FILE asyncEvent from platform (EOS -> BeginningOfContentEvent -> DVR.START_OF_FILE).
The GStreamer triggers EOS even though sufficient buffer is available in platform.

This issue is observed from RI 122 REL B.1 version (till latest release RI 122 REL E) and it is reproducible with set of test cases execution which is attached in the zip file [Set of test cases to execute.txt]

From the attached RI log:

[TrickModePerformanceOnBufferedContentDcli.setPlayerRate: 131] - Duration 2 :: 5.9375
20120730 14:38:47.971 DEBUG RI.Stack- 564329 [Thread-99] DEBUG player.AbstractDVRServicePlayer - Id: 0xE9A9962D: DVR.setRate(0.0)
20120730 14:38:48.080 INFO RI.Pipeline- bus_call -- flushing pipeline due to EOS
20120730 14:38:48.096 INFO RI.Pipeline- bus_call -- beginning of file encountered
20120730 14:38:48.174 DEBUG RI.Stack- 564533 [ThreadPool-System-6] DEBUG mpe.DVRAPIImpl - setRate(dvr=0x188c50b8, rate=1.0)
RI.Stack.StdOut- [DCLI-CLIENT] [INFO] [TrickModePerformanceOnBufferedContentDcli.setPlayerRate: 136] - Duration 3 :: 6.203125
20120730 14:38:51.112 INFO RI.Pipeline- bus_call -- flushing pipeline due to EOS
20120730 14:38:51.112 INFO RI.Pipeline- bus_call -- end of file encountered

Scenario (TDK TC0582):
- Select a service and receive TIMESHIFT event.
- Wait 2 seconds for buffering and set pause rate (0.0).
- Wait for 3 seconds and set rate to 0.5 slow forward speed.

Please refer the attached log [] and let me know whether GStreamer is the root cause of the issue.

TC0582_RIlog_24Aug2012.zip46.98 KB