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401 Not Authorized error to clients

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Joined: 2006-07-29

If DTCP-AKE fails or AKE hasnt happened for a request for a high value content, how would the client be notified of the error in the current model? Wouldn't the error 401 "Not Authorized" be sent to the clients?

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Joined: 2008-12-17

Yes - the client should receive a response with error 401 "Not Authorized".

There is an internal issue open against the RI where OCAP stack does not handle the following event generated by the platform when a problem is encountered with DTCP authorization, (description from mpeos_hn.h):

* Sent whenever authorization is no longer valid for a streaming
* session. Any problem that occurs during DTCP/IP decryption of incoming
* content on the PLAYER or during DTCP/IP encryption of outgoing content on
* the server should be signalled via this event.
* optionalEventData1 - N/A
* optionalEventData2 - N/A
* optionalEventData3 - N/A


Because of this issue, the RI will not respond with 401 error code.

Please open an Issue Tracker issue to ensure this problem is addressed and given proper priority.

Joined: 2006-07-29

Thanks! Should this event be sent by the platform before RI stack sends the http status response?
In that case this event has to be posted after StreamOpen()?