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Some dim light of hope for the JME future???

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Well I've been away from the forums and JME for a long time and sadly I see nothing has changed in the language or the advancement of the feature phone technology. Android and iPhone seem to dominate the landscape now using non-portable languages. :(

So I got word that a new cross-platform language was trying to go opensource to let more people in. It gives the WORA promise that Java once had new life, in that it runs on linux, mac, win, android, iPhone and beta on Win8Phone.
However their kickstart pledge drive could be going better. I wanted to reach out to my mobile / embedded folks and say hey give this thing a look and see if it might be something to support. They have an android build so maybe they hooked into the java side. Once opened sourced we might be able to port a JME build into it. Maybe give feature phones a last breath of air before the DNR (do not resuscitate) order is called.

here is the kickstarter link:

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