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Lwuit (problem with the combobox)

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I develop a java me program using lwuit 1.5
I make the form boxlayout axis_y
and I add a combobox to the form in order that the combobox take the whole width of the form
the problem is that when I test my program on a real device, & when I rotate my device
from landscape to portrait while the combobox drop down list is open
the problem is that it doesn't take the whole width as its combobox though the width of the combobox & its drop down list should always be equal &
also there is a space between the combobox & its drop down list though the drop down list should appear attached to its combobox without no big space.

also there is another problem with combobox which is when I add it to my form without design it in lwuit resource editor the combobox & its drop down list appear together
on the same form, but if I design it in the resource editor & then add the theme to the program the combobox & its drop down list appear in two different page which I don't want to happen.

So how could I fix that?
hope that someone resolve these two problems
& Thanks in advance