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BD-J License Question - Bachelor Thesis

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Hello everybody,

I already spent a lot time in this forum, trying to find out more BD-J andI have a fundamental question. :-)

I'm studying computer science with main subject media and I am about to write my Bachelor Thesis. I am considering to choose BD-J as my topic. BUT I am facing a big problem. I already tried to compile the Hello-World-Example from the NetBeans-BD-Project Plugin using the Classes from PowerDVD. I still can't get it playing there. I contacted BDA to ask for a license for the original JavaDocStubs. However they told me, that I am not allowed to quote anything from their information in my Bachelor Thesis, since it is highly confidential.
Not quoting from the documentation wouldn't be a problem at all, I mean there are a lot sources to get information from, like HD cookbook. But I asked them how about the source code I write for my own application. And they told me that the code gives information about the BD-J classes and therefore it is also confidential. I don't get this.

So - I'm pretty new to the whole BD-J thing. I don't know what classes exactly are defined in those JavaDocStubs. I mean if I am not allowed to write about my own source code, then I would have to look for another topic for the Thesis or submit a pile of empty pages... :-D.

What if I get the whole information from books like HD cookbook and the various tutorials by Oracle/Java? I mean the book is officially available to buy, so everything I can read there is no secret? Or if I don't even use JavaDocStubs and use the Classes from PowerDVD...

Could you please help me to understand the whole licensing situation?

Thanks a lot in advance, :-)


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Go here:

fill it out, fax it in, you get an email, you reply back, they reply back with docstubs

then find and compile the doc stubs:
you need to download a collection of files from different vendors.

this should help:

Getting docstubs was the trickiest part of making a BD-J app. It is the tip of the iceberg in regards to the amount of pain and suffering you are about to endure.