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where is download link? of substance.jar substance-swingx.jar and substance-watermark-pack.jar

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hello every one i have a simple problem here
here's what i did i add jar library to my java application

1) substance-watermark-pack.jar
2) substance.jar
3) swingx-0.9.7.jar

import org.jvnet.substance.utils.SubstanceConstants.ImageWatermarkKind; <-- doest not exist
import org.jvnet.substance.watermark.SubstanceImageWatermark;

SubstanceLookAndFeel.setImageWatermarkKind(ImageWatermarkKind.APP_ANCHOR); <-- connot find symbols
SubstanceLookAndFeel.setSkin(new RavenSkin());
SubstanceLookAndFeel.setCurrentWatermark(new SubstanceImageWatermark("Fish.jpg")); <--cannot find symbols

i think the problem is substance-watermark-pack.jar because this is not updated jar file.
my classmates only gave it to me. about substance.jar and swingx-0.9.7.jar they are both latest version and my problem is i cannot find where can i download the latest version of substance-watermark-pack.jar in google. i search it on google but i know it is not the latest version of substance-watermark-pack.jar please help where can i download the latest version of substance-watermark-pack.jar.

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Joined: 2006-06-08

All ot those are Substance jars, even Substance-Swingx.  We have nothing to do with them.  You need to find the Substance project, which I think is now on github or google-code.