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ANN launches Acuity Business Rules Composer software for the AWS cloud

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Joined: 2005-07-29 has recently launched its flagship product "The Acuity Business Rules Composer" software on 07 May 2013. Acuity Business Rules Composer allows users to create and run declarative business rules of the if-then format. Acuity Business Rules Composer is designed to run on the Amazon AWS cloud. Soon it will be available on other cloud providers like Azure, Rackspace etc. is offering 60% off all subscription packages and plans. There are 2 packages, the Intro Offer and Month-to-Month. The Intro Offer is a Instant Buy packageand requires 1-year contract whereas the Month-to-Month package is a pay-as-you-go package and also includes 30-day trial. has also developed the trademark one-button-connect which allows users to start a server instance in the AWS cloud with bundles Acuity Business Rules Composer software in minutes.

Acuity Business Rules composer includes the following features:

Plain English Rules
Dynamic compilation of Java files
Bindings and factstores in rules
Aggregations in rules
Java Bean object model
Built-in Beans and List Editor
Advanced Rules Editor
Advanced Bindings editor
Configurable Result pane tabs
Dynamic Runtime View
Wizard View

File upload facility
Ajax based RIA framework
Runs on standards based J2EE containers
User profile settings
Configurations persisted to database
Role based access control
Custom Edior Configuration for JavaBean Fields
Multiple form layouts
Filesystem classloader
Organize your work into multiple projects
Multiple Locales (coming soon)

Please visit today to order a subscription plan to the Acuity Business Rules Composer software.

Om Viswanathan
Founder and CEO -
Business Rules For Everyone

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