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SharpShot 1-0-0 released

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Joined: 2009-05-04

Quick notification that the 1st version of my photo editor is available.
Figured it may interest some people here since it is entirely based on java, swing and JAI.
Thanks to these technologies, it runs almost identically on all platforms, and fast.

SharpShot’s main features include:
* ability to open entire folders with pictures, and edit them as a batch
* automatic versioning of modified image, always keeping the original file untouched
* full set of basic image operation including cropping, resizing, rotating
* full set of image improvement tools including brightness, contrast and colors
* full set of advanced operations including sharpening, blur, noise reduction
* extra tools including mosaic creation, red-eye removal, watermarking
* all image modifications offer preview, histogram, and batch operation
* fast undo, redo, history of changes
* effects can be applied on a rectangular or a circular sub-selection of the image
* picture metadata (EXIF) browser
* upload to Flickr or Picasa, export to Zipped folder
* automatic save of preferences and usage settings
* efficient keyboard shortcuts
* runs identically on all platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS

Antoine Girbal