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Duke's Choice Award Russia Winners

Duke;s Choice Award Winners

Duke's Choice Russia Winners Honored!

At JavaOne Russia, winners of the first regional Duke's Choice Awards were recognized for their innovative use of Java.

The winners of the Duke's Choice Awards LAD are JetBrains, EPAM Systems and VNIIRA.


EPAM Systems EPAM Systems uses Java technology to develop innovative solutions for Russian banks. Their all-purpose Java EE adapter for connecting banking information systems can significantly cut time and costs that might otherwise be spent on arranging data exchange between bank applications. Java technology is an important part of EPAM business. EPAM employs more than 2,500 Java experts all over the world. In Russia, EPAM operates an innovative Java training network in six cities.
VNIIRA VNIIRA created an air traffic control system, consisting of dozens of Java NetBeans modules, that allows tracking of hundreds of flights using primary and secondary surveillance radars. Application features include flight tracking, conflict detection and resolution, data display from various sources, together with playback and recording of all system events and user actions. Using the modular NetBeans Platform, the team was able to compose features from multiple modules to provide the necessary functionality tailored to various roles, from flight executive officer to air traffic controller to combinations of these.
JetBrains JetBrains is recognized for the new JavaFX support in the latest version of their IntelliJ IDEA IDE. In general the company is a great example of a strong open source supporter having a huge influence on Java community with their open Community IDE platform and other projects.