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Congratulations 2007 Duke's Choice Awards Winners!

The Duke's Choice Awards celebrate extreme innovation in the world of Java technology and are granted to the most innovative projects using the Java platform.

The most innovative projects from 2007 using the Java platform include:

Creative Use of Java Technology End to End

Lawrence Livermore National Lab - 3D CSI


Java Technology in Education

SAS Institute - SAS inSchool Writing Reviser


Sonia AUV Project Ecole de Technologie Superieure

Java Technology in Sports

Dexels/Sportlink Sports Community System

Open Source

JasperSoft - JasperReports

Printing Solutions

Ubiqutech A/S - VDMS Solution

Mobile Device

PSINaptic - JMatos

Java Everywhere!

Astrum Information - POSMax

Best Desktop Game

Three Rings Design - Bang! Howdy

Java Technology in Education

University of Kent - Greenfoot Fans' Choice

I-Play - 24: Agent Down