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2014 Duke's Choice Award Winners

2014 Duke;s Choice Award Winners

Oracle Announces Winners of the 2014 Duke’s Choice Awards!

This year’s Duke’s Choice Award winners help make travel safer, feed hungry refugees, improve crop yields, provide cool technology, and aim to end a decade-long debate in the Java community.

They are an eclectic bunch of developers, innovators, and educators. Some are using the Java platform to address real-world challenges to improve road and air safety, assist refugees, and increase grain crop quality and quantity to help feed the hungry. Others are promoting Java in home automation and game development, solving important technical issues, educating Africa’s Java community, and hoping to resolve a longstanding community debate.

Apache TomEE
Apache Software Foundation

WFP Subsidy Card
E-finance for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the World Food Programme.

Eppleton IT Consulting and NetBeans - DukeScript

International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center

JCertif International
JCertif International

Java Education and Development Initiative

Badlogic Games

Autonomous Vehicle Test System
Perrone Robotics for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety


Apache DeltaSpike

JavaFX Ports

Air Traffic Controller Selection System
TUBITAK BILGEM & DHMI (a joint winner)

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