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Create a Project

Starting a project is a simple process that begins by becoming a member and creating a project, and ends with an email notification once the project is set up. Approval of all new projects is conditional upon meeting requirements for valid projects as outlined in the Guiding Principles, as determined by the Community Manager.

Typically projects begin with only a few people. Some will grow into larger projects with many participants and several sub-projects associated to them, all in accordance with the Guiding Principles. Each project has a project owner who monitors the project and allows users to join the project by granting them roles and permissions.

If you have an existing project or community hosted elsewhere please consider linking to

Starting a New Project

1. Review the Project Approval Requirements.

2. Complete the Create Project form. (Must be logged in)

3. Your project will be created and placed in the "Inbox" of the leader of the community you choose. Upon review, the community leader will move the project to the next stage, of which you will be notified.