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JavaFX Everywhere

This video shows a little JavaFX demo application that Gerrit Grunwald created in some early morning coding sessions during his vacation. The video shows the same application running on Desktop, iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi. It shows different custom controls (based on JavaFX Canvas node, extending Region and styling standard controls). One screen shows live data measured by a Raspberry Pi and another shows either live data of a sensor network based on Xbees and collected by another Raspberry Pi or data that was stored in a mongodb running on a CubieBoard. All code that he used is running on Java independent on the platform it's running on. This demo was created to test the capabilities of Java(FX) on Desktop, iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi. The application is not really optimized for each platform and the only difference is the horizontal layout on the Raspberry Pi version instead of the vertical layout of the other versions.

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