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Seeking Java EE developers!

Posted by fnikola on January 15, 2014 at 12:22 AM PST

A while ago a small group (lead by Markus Eisele) of us started a project called Java Countdown ( The site is meant to track visitor versions of "Java in the browser" so we can track its timely demise (and/or make sure folks have the latest version if they absolutely must use it). Given the recent security announcements (again) about Java - we hoped that this could be a force for good!

Unfortunately due to personal situations / commitments we weren't quite able to finish the project and we're looking for some folks familiar with Java EE 6 (or willing to learn it) and a little bit of Javascript/UI skills to help finish off the last few bits. The site and code base are pretty simple, so it's a great place to learn some new tech.

The code base is at

If any of you (or perhaps some colleagues) would like to get involved, then please let us know!

So the steps are (you may have done some of these already):

1.) Follow the steps to join the Adopt OpenJDK programme (
1.a.) In particular make sure you join the Mailing list

2.) Say "Hi" on the mailing list and that you're interested in helping out on Javacountdown

3.) Then go to the project at:
3.a) Do the usual Github fork thing