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Headway software supports your local JUG

Posted by michaelhuettermann on October 25, 2011 at 8:25 AM PDT

I'm happy to announce that from now on (in the first increment limited to end of 2012) Headway will support the JUG community. Headway will provide one fully functional perpetual license of Structure101 to one attendee, and one Restructure101 to another attendee, at each JUG meeting. The meeting organizers can decide how and to whom they grant the licenses, but the winners must be announced at the meetings. The organizers should send a mail titled "Structure101 Winners" to and cc the winners with the location/date of the meeting and the names/emails of the winners. Headway will provide each participating JUG leader with one personal license for Structure101 and one licence of Restructure101. On your JUG web site, please list Headway as a sponsor and add a link back to the Headway web site.
Headway is also more than happy to speak at your local JUG on the subject of "modularizing existing code and keeping it modularized". Please get in contact with and cc to request an on-site presentation.