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First Big Event of Guatejug (Guatemala, Central America)

Posted by jyeary on October 10, 2011 at 1:19 AM PDT

Two months ago one of the most active Drupal community members in our country and a great collaborator with our JUG came to a JUG meeting with a great idea "What if we do a full day activity dedicated to Java?", one meeting later we started plans for that activity conveniently code-named "Java Day" so I asked for a space in as a JUG and the event started to take shape.

The results, the level of motivation, cohesion, and compromise of every member of "Java Day core team" was impressive.

At the end we had an event with almost 150 registered people, many of them were from other regions of our country, collaborators from all major universities (USAC, UFM, UVG, URL, UMG, UG), FLOSS communities, attendees were varied from pre-grade students to BA with master grade.

A little success for big Java community around the world.