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Algeria JUG Graduates Incubator

Posted by jyeary on October 21, 2011 at 10:23 AM PDT

Please join me in welcoming the latest member to the growing JUG community worldwide: Algeria JUG. It is with great excitement that I welcome Ferhat Guezlane as the JUG leader to our community. In a conversation with Ferhat, I asked what are the next steps for your JUG. He included this for all of you who want to participate.

For our next meeting we are planning to do :

  • Oracle and Java workshops for students from 1 December through 30 January.
  • Starting Open source project (Education Platform for Student in the Under developed countries).
  • Promotion to Think Quest competition

Also on the schedule going forward are supporting:

  • Oracle and Java Tech Days
  • Oracle Conference Day

Again please take some time to welcome Ferhat and the members of Algeria JUG. Good luck going forward.