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Java Evangelist John Yeary's Blog: JSF 2.2 Tip of the Day: Naughty Expression Language (EL)
Unexpected EffectsMany of you may know this already, but I was reminded the other day how this can...
(Apr 18, 2014)
markiewb's blog: Some impressions from the NetBeans platform training in Leipzig
(Apr 18, 2014)
Adam Bien: Java 8, Method Handles and Concurrency Utilities For Java EE
Java 8 with method handles enables direct execution of synchronous (legacy) code asynchronously...
(Apr 18, 2014)
Geertjan's Blog: Three Tips for DukeScript Fanboys
Here's my advice for DukeScript fanboys, of which there are some, but mainly two: Jaroslav Tulach...
(Apr 17, 2014)
NetBeans DZone: Vaadin and NetBeans: Transporting Desktop Users to the Web
Bruno Freitas lives and works in Porto, Portugal, at BMAC, a private healthcare company. He is a...
(Apr 16, 2014)
Geertjan's Blog: Swedish Economy Modeling on the NetBeans Platform
WamSys AB, located in Gothenburg, Sweden, focuses on developing products with Oracle DB and the...
(Apr 16, 2014)
NetBeans DZone: NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #635 - Apr 14, 2014)
Project News Plugin: Scala for NetBeans Caoyuan Deng has upgraded the Scala plugin for NetBeans 8...
(Apr 15, 2014)
Geertjan's Blog: DukeScript Framework for Dummies
Jaroslav Tulach's Java/JavaScript framework DukeScript explained for dummies (e.g., me...
(Apr 15, 2014)
APIDesign - Blogs: Coolest NetBeans Plugin: MineSweeper!
MineSweeper is re-implementation of classical computer game available on each Microsoft Windows...
(Apr 15, 2014)
Adam Bien: Java 8: Reducing a List Into A CSV String
import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import static;...
(Apr 15, 2014)
Michael's blog » NetBeans: Using Lambda expressions with JSF 2.2
JSF 2.2 comes in conjunction with EL 3.0. This version of the expression language offers a rarely...
(Apr 14, 2014)
Adam Bien: How To Tackle JavaEE - DevCrowd Keynote
How to structure a JavaEE application? How to organize your code? What are the essential...
(Apr 14, 2014)
Geertjan's Blog: Python in NetBeans IDE 8.0
Copy this to the clipboard:
(Apr 11, 2014)
Geertjan's Blog: Context-Sensitive TopComponent (Part 2)
Another way a TopComponent can be context sensitive is in the requirement that the menubar and...
(Apr 10, 2014)
Geertjan's Blog: Context-Sensitive TopComponent (Part 1)
I picked up a cool idea from a Polish developer, Dominik Cebula, recently. In the same way that...
(Apr 9, 2014)
Geertjan's Blog: Disable Module on Authentication Failure
The user starts the application. The splash screen is shown. Right after the modules are loaded, as...
(Apr 8, 2014)
Adam Bien: 1st Airhacks Q&A And The Answers Are:
Additional 10 live questions, 1h and 83 live views. The first edition Airhacks Q & A was fun...
(Apr 8, 2014)
Geertjan's Blog: Multiple Rows of Toolbars
Realized today that toolbars can be placed in different rows: The above is a result of a...
(Apr 7, 2014)
Michael's blog » NetBeans: NetBeans 8 contribution
Due to less time, I sadly could only contribute a small amount to NetBeans 8. Following is the...
(Apr 7, 2014)
Adam Bien: 1st Airhacks Q&A And The Questions Are:
Jeff Picklyk: "How would you suggest convincing the ivory tower decision makers to leave plain...
(Apr 7, 2014)