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Video Monday: Robot Snake Monster, Nao in a Ball Pit, and Holidays Are Over
We're spending this week looking for robots at CES, and just in case we don't find any, here's a...
(Jan 5, 2015)
CES 2015: Complete Coverage of the Best Emerging Tech
The IEEE Spectrum team on the hottest gadgets and technology trends
(Jan 4, 2015)
What to Expect at CES 2015 and Beyond
The big trends we expect to see in Las Vegas
(Jan 4, 2015)
CES 2015: What the Heck Are Quantum Dots?
And why will they be the hottest TV tech at CES?
(Jan 2, 2015)
The Year-Long Space Mission: This Time It’s not About the Money
Humans have spent a year in space before, but this time it’s not to make room for space tourists,...
(Jan 1, 2015)
Question Authority: Make Your Own “Top Tech 2015" Predictions
Join in the IEEE Spectrum/SciCast technology-prediction tournament
(Jan 1, 2015)
And Now This... Tape Tech Rewind
Tape storage might not have the glamour it used to, but it’s still a force
(Dec 31, 2014)
2015 Top Tech to Watch
We predict the technologies that will make headlines this year so you’ll never be surprised
(Dec 31, 2014)
Flying Selfie Bots: Tag-Along Video Drones Are Here
Sports enthusiasts are clamoring for aerial robots that can record their best moves
(Dec 31, 2014)
Sepios: ETH Zurich's Robot Cuttlefish
Take a cuttlefish and stick it in between two knifefish (one of which is upside down) and you get...
(Dec 31, 2014)
Europe’s Smart Highway Will Shepherd Cars From Rotterdam to Vienna
Holland, Germany, and Austria’s Cooperative ITS Corridor is setting standards for the world
(Dec 30, 2014)
The XPrize’s Lunar Deadline Looms
Aspiring moon explorers now have until 2016 to win a top prize of $20 million from Google
(Dec 30, 2014)
How to Crowdfund Your Hardware Start-up
Sites like Kickstarter can boost a start-up—or expose critical flaws
(Dec 30, 2014)
Google's Self-Driving Car Prototype Ready to Hit the Road
The first fully functional version of Google's self-driving car combines steering, braking, and...
(Dec 30, 2014)
Project Ara: Google Wants Your Phone to Go to Pieces
Google’s modular smartphone will let users swap parts like screens and cameras on the fly
(Dec 29, 2014)
Arctic Fibre Project to Link Japan and U.K.
A 24-terabit-per-second undersea cable will connect Japan and the U.K. and also bring broadband to...
(Dec 29, 2014)
Volvo Cars Will Warn Bicyclists of Impending Collisions
Now, if only you could tell that the door of a parked car was about to open....
(Dec 29, 2014)
Cyber Espionage Malware Taps Smartphones, Sends Chills
Sophisticated malicious code hasn't gotten the notice that the Sony hack has, but that's the point
(Dec 29, 2014)
Robots Podcast #172: Object-based 3D SLAM
In episode #172, interviewer Audrow Nash speaks with Professor John Leonard from MIT...
(Dec 28, 2014)
Google Project Wing delivery drones
After all the excitement that Amazon was working on unmanned drones for package delivery (and many...
(Aug 30, 2014)