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A robot to beat humans at foosball
At first glance, the foosball table located in the middle of the Automatic Control Laboratory looks...
(Aug 26, 2013)
A glimpse into the future of robotic technology
Replicating human behaviour in robots has long been a central objective of scientists working in...
(Aug 23, 2013)
A personalised robot companion for older people
A highly customisable robot companion designed by EU-funded researchers to offer support to older...
(Aug 19, 2013)
Robot does standup for London audience (w/ Video)
( —Robots as military gear haulers? Got it. Assembly line handlers? Got it. Waiters for...
(Aug 17, 2013)
Tiny robot able to reorient itself during jumps using actuated tail (w/ Video)
( —A team of researchers at Michigan State University has built a tiny robot (called the...
(Aug 16, 2013)
Farmers check out AgBot at Robotronica
Farmers in Brisbane for the Ekka are being encouraged to come to QUT's Gardens Point campus on...
(Aug 15, 2013)
US researchers create robot that jumps
Researchers in the U.S. have put together a robot that can jump and climb.
(Aug 13, 2013)
Social robots see smell
"The thing that's been missing in robotics is a sense of smell," said biology professor Joseph...
(Aug 13, 2013)