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Facebook AI Director Yann LeCun on His Quest to Unleash Deep Learning and Make Machines Smarter
The Deep Learning expert explains how convolutional nets work, why Facebook needs AI, what he...
(Feb 18, 2015)
Hoovering Up CO2 with CCS-equipped Biomass Power Plants
Detailed modelling shows that biomass power plants equipped to capture their CO2 emissions can...
(Feb 18, 2015)
DNA Data Storage Just Got a Bit More Practical
Researchers eliminate errors in retrieving data from DNA
(Feb 17, 2015)
Coupling Microwaves to Optoelectronics With Sound
Will sound waves help extend microwave links?
(Feb 17, 2015)
Cricket World Cup: Tech to Tackle Bad Bowling
Faster sensor systems and motion capture could speed decisions about suspect bowlers
(Feb 17, 2015)
Successful Flight of Angara-A5 Rocket Marks New Era for Russia's Ambitions in Space
The launch of a new space booster is a key to understanding the state of the Russian space program
(Feb 17, 2015)
Grids Could Balance Themselves, Says Study
At least on paper
(Feb 17, 2015)
New Robot Contests Feature Free Trips, $1 Million, and $5 Million in Prizes
These newly announced robot competitions have some pretty impressive awards
(Feb 17, 2015)
Britain Will Rewrite Its Traffic Laws for Robocars' Sake
Tailgating? You say that like it's a *bad* thing
(Feb 17, 2015)
FAA Unveils Drone Rules: Autonomy Is In, Drone Delivery Is Out
The proposed rules are surprisingly reasonable, but there are things that need work
(Feb 16, 2015)
The COMRADE System for Multirobot Autonomous Landmine Detection in Postconflict Regions
We consider the problem of autonomous landmine detection using a team of mobile robots. Previous...
(Feb 15, 2015)
Europe's Reusable Spaceplane Completes First Test Flight
An experimental mini-spaceplane's first flight paves the way for a reusable spacecraft called Pride
(Feb 13, 2015)
Video Friday: RoboCore, Anki Overdrive, Valkyrie's New Moves
This week's best robot videos
(Feb 13, 2015)
Could Europe's New Grid Algorithm Black-out Belgium?
A "flow-boosting" upgrade to Europe's power market algorithms, years in the making, is delayed...
(Feb 13, 2015)
Cosmic Ray Particles Will Reveal the Molten Hearts of Fukushima Daiichi's Reactors
Workers begin testing muon detectors to help decommission three melted-down reactors
(Feb 13, 2015)
A Snapshot of Software Engineering Salaries at Silicon Valley Startups
Who is the hottest Bay Area software engineer? Probably a Berkeley grad who is working with Hadoop...
(Feb 13, 2015)
Li-Fi-like System Would Bring 100-Gbps Speeds Straight to Your Computer
System sends light signals from the optical fiber fiber through the air to your computer
(Feb 13, 2015)
Mollusks Show the Way to Better Li-ion Batteries
Inspired by the process snails use to build their shells, researchers develop a method to make...
(Feb 12, 2015)
Desperately Searching for Net Neutrality
Everyone says they’re for Net neutrality, but not everyone agrees on what it means
(Feb 12, 2015)
Net Neutrality's Technical Troubles
The debate has centered on policy, law, and finance, as if the network itself were a given. It is...
(Feb 12, 2015)