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ATRIAS Robot Gets Hit By Barrage of Dodgeballs
Watch this bipedal robot get attacked by vicious dodgeball-loving researchers
(Mar 12, 2015)
Fear of Nanoparticles Takes the White Out of Dunkin' Donuts
Dunkin' Donuts promises to remove titanium dioxide from their powdered sugar coatings
(Mar 11, 2015)
China's Search Giant Baidu Plans To Build a Robocar
Yet another tech company has jumped on the self-driving bandwagon
(Mar 11, 2015)
Solar Plane Finishes First Sea Crossing of Epic Journey
A solar plane crossed the Arabian Sea during its round-the-world journey
(Mar 11, 2015)
Censors Take On China's Silent Spring Moment
Chinese journalist Chai Jing's viral doc—a damning indictment of toothless environmental...
(Mar 11, 2015)
What Might Happen If an Airliner Hit a Small Drone?
An expert discusses what might ensue if the drone hits the airframe, windscreen, or a turbofan...
(Mar 11, 2015)
Heat Propagates as a Wave in Graphene
Insight should help engineers in applying graphene to thermal management solutions
(Mar 10, 2015)
Creating Lasers in the Sky
Super-short pulses yield powerful midair beams
(Mar 10, 2015)
AI Researchers Propose a Machine Vision Turing Test
Researchers have proposed a Visual Turing Test in which computers would answer increasingly complex...
(Mar 10, 2015)
2015 Hackaday Prize Competition Begins
The second annual competition of DIYer, hackers, and makers begins
(Mar 10, 2015)
Physicists Find Hints of the Higgs in Superconductivity
But don't throw out your giant Swiss particle accelerator yet
(Mar 10, 2015)
Apple’s Watch is the Next Big Geek Icebreaker
Starting April 24th, Silicon Valley’s social scene will get a boost, thanks to Apple
(Mar 9, 2015)
How to Insert a Memory Into the Brain of a Sleeping Mouse
Researchers create synthetic memories through brain stimulation
(Mar 9, 2015)
Watch Heart Tissue Twitch on a Chip When Drugged
This is your heart on drugs. On a chip. Any questions?
(Mar 9, 2015)
Mitsubishi Quiets Car Noise With Machine Learning
Deep neural network wipes out more than 90 percent of noise when talking on hands-free mobile
(Mar 9, 2015)
Robots Podcast #177: Kurosh Madani
In episode 177, interviewer Audrow Nash speaks with Kurosh Madani, Chair Professor in...
(Mar 8, 2015)
Video Friday: Drone Dogfight, 3D-Printed Arm, and Kicking a Robot
The best robot videos of the week are right here
(Mar 6, 2015)
The Conservation of Energy Is a Principle Worth Honoring. Let’s Start by Installing Triple-Pane Windows
Rather than generate more energy with exotic technologies, we could save it with proven ones, like...
(Mar 6, 2015)
Electrons Are Snake Charmed Across Graphene
For the first time, researchers direct electrons across graphene on a predefined path
(Mar 6, 2015)
NASA's Dawn Makes History by Orbiting a Dwarf Planet
The NASA spacecraft becomes the first space mission to ever orbit a dwarf planet
(Mar 6, 2015)