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Face Aging Software Can Show Your Child's Future
A baby's face can be accurately aged through adulthood with the first automated aging software
(Apr 10, 2014)
Tequila Sunrise: Big Benefit from Co-Locating Agave Crops and Solar Power
The idea of "agrivoltaics" aims to increase both PV and biofuels production
(Apr 10, 2014)
Electrical Spine Stimulation Helps Paralyzed Patients Regain Some Movement
Researchers demonstrate that a groundbreaking pilot study wasn't an anomaly
(Apr 9, 2014)
Radio Wrestlers Fight It Out at the DARPA Spectrum Challenge
Clash of the software-defined radio algorithms leaves two winners
(Apr 9, 2014)
Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes: Two Great Materials Even Better Together
Researchers use carbon nanotubes to create a reinforced version of graphene
(Apr 9, 2014)
Scientists Discover Efficient Way to Turn Carbon Monoxide Into Ethanol
The method, developed by Stanford researchers, could one day cut corn out of ethanol production
(Apr 9, 2014)
Game Controller Senses Players' Excitement Levels
A device capable of detecting player engagement could help games adjust on-screen action on the fly
(Apr 9, 2014)
Savioke Scores $2 Million in Seed Funding From Google Ventures and Others
We don't know exactly what this start-up is up to, but it's been amassing funds to make it happen
(Apr 9, 2014)
D-Wave Aims to Bring Quantum Computing to the Cloud
Vern Brownell, D-Wave’s CEO, talks about the company’s ongoing efforts to prove the potential of...
(Apr 9, 2014)
Molecular Gears Turn Under Pressure
Demonstration of some of the smallest moving parts could lead to molecular-scale switches
(Apr 8, 2014)
Drones Helping to Map Fukushima Cleanup and Reconstruction
Autonomous UAVs provide an aerial view of the disaster area
(Apr 8, 2014)
Tiny Microbial Fuel Cell Runs On Spit
Saliva-powered fuel cell generates enough wattage for lab-on-a-chip devices
(Apr 7, 2014)
Spiders Prompt Mazda to Recall Cars for Software Update
Automaker can't repel the arachnids, so it's programming its cars to live with them
(Apr 7, 2014)
Nest Labs Suspends Sale of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector until Software Fixed
Plus: Eircom customers get nasty billing surprise
(Apr 7, 2014)
New Da Vinci Xi Surgical Robot Is Optimized for Complex Procedures
The robot surgeon gets even better at rearranging your insides
(Apr 7, 2014)
Robots Podcast #153: Termite-Inspired Construction
Termites, in their roles as construction workers, are simple agents, using only local...
(Apr 6, 2014)
First Wafer-Scale, Single-Crystal, Monolayer Graphene Made in Bulk
New manufacturing trick could make graphene a contender in post-silicon digital electronics
(Apr 4, 2014)
Prepare Yourself: National Robotics Week Is Here
And check out the cool set of robot trading cards we created to celebrate
(Apr 4, 2014)
Video Friday: April Fool's, Festo Flying Spheres, and Giant Crab Robot
Three of these videos are definitely jokes
(Apr 4, 2014)
Energy Efficiency Grows as Clean Energy Investment Falters
Solar and wind surge in China, but slow globally
(Apr 3, 2014)