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Some Rights Reserved Customizing Blogger
IntroductionI want to start by blaming Markus Eisele for my misadventures. I was looking...
(Mar 30, 2015)
Some Rights Reserved A Simple Method to invoke @PreDestroy on a Class
I was experimenting with how to invoke a @PreDestroy annotated method in a class. This will...
(Mar 27, 2015)
Some Rights Reserved JSF 2.x Tip of the Day: Implementing a ViewMapListener
A map of the lands where the Trobadors flourished. "France 1154-en" by Reigen -...
(Feb 17, 2015)
Some Rights Reserved ExecutorService Conundrum
I was asked by someone to solve a problem with threads that they were having. They wanted to cancel...
(Dec 26, 2014)
Some Rights Reserved JSF 2.x Dynamic Encoding
Encoding ExamplesIn an Internationalized world, we need to be able to change the encoding of a JSF...
(Dec 21, 2014)