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Community News & Announcements

Robots Attempt Record Breaking Pacific Ocean Voyage
[Posted Nov 20, 2011]

Four robots have set out on an epic 33,000 nautical mile (66,000km) journey across the Pacific Ocean. Created by US firm Liquid Robotics, the four are aiming to set the record for the longest distance at sea travelled by an unmanned craft. Throughout their journey the robots will gather lots of data about the composition and quality of sea water. The journey is expected to take about 300 days, and is designed to inspire researchers to study ocean health.

Mars micro-rover Kapvik may tether to larger vehicles
[Posted Sep 18, 2011]

A Canadian prototype for Mars and moon micro-rovers could be tethered to larger vehicles to avoid getting trapped in sand.

UC Berkeley Team Has Quadrotor Catching Balls
[Posted Sep 18, 2011]

A team from the UC Berkeley Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS) has released a video showing a quadrotor catching balls. The video also details some of the incremental improvements made in the hardware of the quadrotor and the software controlling it. (via Automaton)

Jumper-Gliding robot from CMU NanoRobotics Lab
[Posted Sep 14, 2011]

The explicitly named "Bioinspired Integrated Multi-Modal Locomotion" is a project of Carnegie Mellon's University, NanoRobotics Lab. The module use a mechanism with folding bars that are spring loaded via a system of wires similar to a human knee's tendons. This mechanism is able to rotate lengthwise. Pointing downwards acts like a spring that launch the robot and at its trajectory highest point it rotates and becomes a wing shaped surface that enables it to glide. It is a clever way to use the same thing for two very different purposes. Read more at the project's website:

Swarm of Brian
[Posted Feb 27, 2009]

Swarm algorithms for TrackBots with SunSPOT application brains, including a Greenfoot swarm simulator. This application-level development is taking place in parallel with the TrackBot runtime
additions which provide swarm support. The Greenfoot simulator lets us all get started in a simpler world model, while the necessary TrackBot runtime code is being developed. This project was featured at JavaOne 2009 in the Swarm of Brian BOF.

[Posted Jan 18, 2008]

TrackBot robot simulator support in the Greenfoot IDE and 2-D simulator. Very cool for educational use. Please join and help us add capabilities!