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DukeScript: New Version of Controlsjs DukeScript Plugin
Position has released a version 2.0 of their NetBeans Plugin for controlsjs. Controls.js is a...
(May 21, 2015)
Geertjan's Blog: NetBeans Day Twente
Today NetBeans Day was held in Twente, which is an area in the east of the Netherlands, with a high...
(May 20, 2015)
Adam Bien: beans.xml and JAXRSConfiguration: javaee7-essentials-archetype v1.3 released
The version 1.3 javaee7-essentials-archetype comes with two features: beans.xml for Java EE 7...
(May 20, 2015)
NetBeans DZone: NetBeans in the Classroom: Using the NetBeans Rest Service Wizard
Ken Fogel is the Program Coordinator and Chairperson of the Computer Science Technology program at...
(May 19, 2015)
NetBeans DZone: Handy Tools for HTML5 Client Development
I had a chance to work a bit more with NetBeans and HTML5 client development this week and some of...
(May 19, 2015)
Adam Bien: Auto-Creating JMS Destinations With JMS 2.0 and Java EE 7
Java EE 7 and JMS 2.0 introduced the @JMSDestinationDefinitions annotation which allows automatic...
(May 18, 2015)
Geertjan's Blog: Knockout Simplicity for Bootstrap.css (Part 2)
Continuing the theme from the previous blog entry, here's the current state of my 'menubar'...
(May 18, 2015)
DukeScript: Here it is, the inevitable Twitter Demo!
OK, drum roll, raise the curtain, clear the stage, here it is, the inevitable return of the...
(May 17, 2015)
APIDesign - Blogs: API Design as a Service
Domain Expert is a person who has knowledge of a particular system. With such knowledge it may seem...
(May 17, 2015)
Adam Bien: Playing With Model View Controller MVC (JSR-371) from Java EE 8
Playing with JSR-371 MVC (Reference Implementation) ozark scheduled to ship with Java EE 8. See...
(May 17, 2015)
Geertjan's Blog: Knockout Simplicity for Bootstrap.css (Part 1)
Imagine you need to create a menubar for your website: If you had a choice, which of the...
(May 17, 2015)
Geertjan's Blog: Porting Knockout Components to DukeScript
With Knockout, you can extend the DOM by means of widgets, also known as 'components', such as the...
(May 16, 2015)
DukeScript: On device debugging for iOS!
We’re proud to announce the latest version of the DukeScript archetypes has been released to Maven...
(May 15, 2015)
Geertjan's Blog: require.config with Knockout in NetBeans
The application structure discussed yesterday is as follows: Thanks to require.config, here...
(May 15, 2015)
Adam Bien: An Interview With the Killerfish--Payara
Q: C2B2 already provided commercial support for GlassFish, what is the idea behind
(May 14, 2015)
Geertjan's Blog: How to Separate HTML Templates in Knockout Apps
A problem with the solution discussed in the recent YouTube clip about component-based Knockout.js...
(May 14, 2015)
NetBeans for PHP: Phing support added
<p> Hi all, today we will show you our support for&nbsp;PHP project build system or build...
(May 14, 2015)
Geertjan's Blog: YouTube: Component Based Development with Knockout.js
Knockout.js has some extremely handy facilities for doing component based development, as shown in...
(May 13, 2015)
Adam Bien: From Devoxx 2014: Pico Services with Java EE 7 on Java 8 and Docker
My presentation about (pico|micro|femto)services on Java EE from Devoxx 2014. Watch on
(May 12, 2015)
Geertjan's Blog: Eclipse Recommenders for NetBeans IDE (Part 2)
Following on from part 1 of this series, here's two interesting screenshots to look at...
(May 12, 2015)