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New JavaScript Formatting Features in NetBeans IDE 8.1 (Part 1)
In NetBeans IDE 8.0.2, these are the Formatting options that relate to JavaScript files:...
(Jul 13, 2015)
Refactoring Java in NetBeans IDE 8.1 vs. 8.0.2
It may seem small, but it can be very powerful, once you learn the new keyboard shortcuts......
(Jul 10, 2015)
Android Release APK via Cordova in NetBeans IDE (Part 2)
Got some notes from my colleague JB Brock on yesterday's blog entry: The process you...
(Jul 9, 2015)
Android Release APK via Cordova in NetBeans IDE (Part 1)
To create the Android release APK via Cordova in NetBeans IDE, you need to add the '--release' flag...
(Jul 8, 2015)
Jeroen Frijters: New Development Snapshot
Final 8.1 development snapshot. Release candidate 0 will be next (after .NET 4.6 RTM).
(Jul 7, 2015)
Help Us Stabilize NetBeans IDE 8.1 - Join NetCAT 8.1!
(Jul 6, 2015)
News from NetBeans Zone
I have been involved with DZone for many many many years. I, quite seriously, go back a lot of...
(Jul 5, 2015)
Quo Vadis Enterprise JavaScript?
In this shaky new world of JavaScript, here are the libraries I find to be very interesting...
(Jul 3, 2015)
The UUID Discussion
Those who are familiar with databases and persistence have probably had the same discussion like I...
(Jul 2, 2015)
Software Architecture in DevOps
A new book by Len Bass, Ingo Weber and Liming Zhu “DevOps: A Software Architect’s Perspective”,...
(Jul 2, 2015)
Chicago JUG Adopt-a-JSR/Java EE 8 Session Video
The Chicago JUG has been doing a great job engaging with Adopt-a-JSR and Java EE 8. As part of that...
(Jul 2, 2015)
I suppose, the first case every developer learn in Mockito is mocking methods with return value....
(Jul 2, 2015)
Too Big Data: Coping with Overplotting
Written by Tim Brock. Preview Text:  With all the...
(Jul 2, 2015)
The Definitive Guide to the Modern Database, Part IV
In our last post in the Definitive Guide to the Modern Database series, we examined three different...
(Jul 2, 2015)
Finding Dependency in Stored Procedure
Introduction Here in this article we are trying to discuss about the finding reference object...
(Jul 2, 2015)
Visual Management Tools
Sometimes we intentionally make our work more visible so that we can more easily see what’s going...
(Jul 2, 2015)
Workflows for Git
 There are many workflows for Git: Preview Text:...
(Jul 2, 2015)
Understanding Software Risks Created by Poor Application Development and Release Practices
While the conditions that drive software project managers, development teams and their leadership...
(Jul 2, 2015)
Five Reasons to Apply for the NASA Java Opportunity
I mentioned the new job at a.i. solutions here yesterday. Sean Phillips, the great guy and NetBeans...
(Jul 2, 2015)
Using Camel, CDI Inside Kubernetes with Fabric8
 I recently blogged about Injecting Kubernetes Services with CDI. In this post I am going...
(Jul 1, 2015)