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Zones are an operating system abstraction for partitioning systems, allowing multiple applications to run in isolation from each other on the same physical hardware. This isolation prevents processes running within a zone from monitoring or affecting processes running in other zones, seeing each other's data, or manipulating the underlying hardware.
This project incorporates open source software in Solaris that is mostly related to the desktop GUI environment.
The Service Management Facility (SMF) is responsible for managing services and service start order in the Oracle Solaris operating system. scfdot reads the service names and dependencies from the Service Configuration Facility (SCF) repository and writes a file which the dot program from the graphviz package can render into a graph.
This project provides community information and discussion for the ZFS file system.
This project provides the Solaris build and packaging of the X Window System — the glue that holds together the desktop on Unix and Linux systems. X provides the layer between the hardware devices and the desktops such as GNOME and KDE.
LibMicro is a portable set of microbenchmarks that many Solaris engineers used during Solaris 10 development to measure the performance of various system and library calls. LibMicro was developed by Bart Smaalders and Phil Harman as part of their If Linux is faster it's a Solaris bug performance campaign. LibMicro is Open Source and uses the CDDL license.
The Image Packaging System, or IPS, is the software lifecycle management system for Solaris 11 and newer.
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Logging frameworks have been a battle since day one and it's one of the things that makes the Java ecosystem too complex and is slowly fading from developers/ops concerns. Let's change this!
Project used internally Modified
Project used internally
A scripting language on JVM