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The GlassFish MBean Annotation Library (gmbal, pronounced "Gumball") is a library for using annotations to create Open MBeans. For more information, please see WikiHomePage,
Use JIRA bug reports to thank contributors. Used for GlassFish and sub-projects.
Specification work for JSR 236 - Concurrency Utilities for Java EE
Virtualization plugin for GlassFish 4 ( This plugin allows GlassFish to deploy services on VMware ESX and ESXi hosts. The project is under development.
Project support files for the XMPP Project
This umbrella project consist of 1. jabberwocky - XMPP container for Glassfish 2. Vorpal - XMPP framework 3. Plugins for NetBean
XMPP Container and component framework for Glassfish