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GlassFish Related Items on

WebServices Security
GlassFish Core Project
Persistence layer for JAXB objects.
Full-text search for JAXB objects
Java EE Samples
Shared code between JAXP, JAXB, SAAJ, and JAX-WS
Extended StAX API
One stop shop for GlassFish in Education Community
JAX-WS RI Architecture Document
The Standard Implementation for JAX-WS
Tools and utilities around JAXB 2.x
JAXB 2.0 annotation parsing library
Community around JAXP Reference Implementation
JAXB RI architecture document
The Standard Implementation for JAX-RPC
GlassFish Plugins for IDEs
Relational persistence for XML data, with JAXB and Hibernate.
The original Facelets projects. Note active development is done at
Library for parsing XML DTDs
typed XML writer
Generic Resource Adapter for JMS
JAXB RI 2.0.x source code - the source code has been moved to project, this project is disabled
Open Source Application Server for Java EE
jMaki: A way of representing JavaScript widgets in Java.
Sun Java Streaming XML Parser, Stax (JSR 173) implementation.
A collection of tools for JAXB
Relational support for Universal Business Language.
Binary encoding for the XML Information Set
SAX XMLFilter that performs xml:id processing