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GlassFish Related Items on

This is a project for designing Metro Web Services Stack Plug-in
Project Keychain Identity Provisioning Gateway
Embedded GlassFish v3
A social networking system.
GUI console to help manage certificates for java keystores.
Maven2 plugin for GlassFish users
GlassFish Scripting
Rhino JS and JSF framework
3D infrastructure
Geo-based mapping tools
content management system with community features
Update Center 2.0 is the 2nd generation Update Center that provides a cross-OS platform, network repository-based toolkit for packaging, publishing, delivering and installing applications, updates and add-ons. Update Center 2.0 is primarily used by the GlassFish application server 3 and 4 and provides the "updatetool" and "pkg" commands.
A framework for writing portable Comet based Web Application
Hyperjaxb3 Source Code SVN Repository
The WS-Policy implementation for the Metro Web Services stack
Embedded Java Database, supports for data federation.
This is not the main project site. This project hosts the source-code for the 2.x branches of the reference implementation for JavaServer Faces, see for more information