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JROBOTPI (v1.3.0) is a robot built with a brain RaspBerry Pi.
This site host IoT projects, code and software needed for IoT projects
This project develops an intelligent [C]ircuit opti[mizer], i.e., Cmizer, to provide decision support for electronic engineers to design circuits with a faster and easier manner, hence contributing towards the productivity of the electronic industries.
jCardSim is an open source Java Card simulator.
Http server for mobile devices or the Internet. Build lightweight networks of service-based components (SOA). Programmable framework with many features - add/run services, add/search metadata, autonomous, self-organising and distributed/remote communication. The server can be used by itself. Additional packages include a GUI, or a programmable problem solver for optimisation through heuristic search. Java J2SE or J2ME CDC compatible. Status is stable, but still under development.
Incubator project for newly emerging Mobile & Embedded projects