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IoT Developer Challenge Video Training

IoT Developer Challenge

Advanced Topics

  1. Using Rapberry Pi I2C bus with Java SE Embedded
  2. Internet of Things, Java and Raspberry Pi
  3. Embedded Projects
  4. Building Robots with Java Embedded

Java, IoT and Raspberry Pi Video Training

  1. Introduction to Internet of Things
  2. Java and Internet of Things
  3. Introduction to Raspbery Pi
  4. Raspberry Pi GPIO with Java Part 1: basics, Wiring Pi and WebIOPi
  5. Raspberry Pi GPIO with Java Part 2: PI4J, HelloWorld, PiPicture

Gemalto Concept Board Video Training

  1. Gemalto Board Demo
  2. Introduction to Java ME Development with Gemalto Concept Board

Advanced Topics

Java, IoT and Raspberry Pi


Gemalto Concept Board

Useful Resources

Past Projects

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Challenge News

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