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IoT Developer Challenge Code Samples

IoT Developer Challenge

Take advantage of the source code from these opensource projects and learning resources to jump start your project.

Heart of Glass

A Heart Beat Monitor based on Polar Heart Sensor and Raspberry Pi, remotely accessible from devices like Google Glass or your favorite Mobile Browser.This improved version uses an early preview of Units of Measurement API proposed JSR for Units of Measurement as Healthcare and Remote Health Monitoring PoC.
The Units of Measurement API for Java:
Source code:

Kaazing Project

Extends the range of a radio controlled (RC) car from a few feet to the entire Internet. Technologies used are Wheezy OS, Pi4J, WebSocket, JSR 356 and Kaazing Websocket Gateway.
Source code:

Domotic Project

A home automation platform that allows an intelligent rule-based integration of different devices around your home. A centralized server allows configuration of rules-based on device events. Technologies used: Java SE, Tomcat, MySQL, Raspberry Pi, Web Sockets and Android App.

Sobriety Field Tester

Evaluates several aspects of sobriety. An alcohol sensor tests the subject.s alcohol level, the SFT also uses a distance sensor to detect instability in a subject.s balance while standing. Technologies used: Netbeans 7.3.1 IDE, JavaFX, JavaSE Embedded Suite, ThingsAPI, Program-me (super-set of an Arduino), alcohol sensor, and the Ping))) distance sensor.
Source code:
Source code:

Pi4JHelloWorld_ PiPicture_ Twitter4Pi an d LcdI2C Samples

Projects using Java SE Embedded and PI4J presented at video classes recorded by Vinicius Senger
Source code:

Netbeans projects used in Gemalto Concept Board video class

Call4Fan and LedBlink example
Source code:

Samples using GPIO and I2C with Pi4J

GPIO pin using Java SE Embedded with Pi4J
Source code:

Pressure/Temperature sensor BMP180, using Java SE Embedded with Pi4J
Source code:

Accelerometer/Temperature/Gyroscope sensor, using Java SE Embedded with Pi4J (piece of the code only, it won't work on it's own)
Source code:

JavaFX and Raspberry Pi

Run JavaFX on Raspberry Pi
Source code:

3 Easy Steps to set up JavaFX on Rasbperry Pi
Source code:

Additional Resources

Series: Working with Java Embedded 8 by Using the Raspberry Pi
In this series of tutorials, learn how to write Java Embedded applications and how to create circuits and connect them to the Raspberry Pi to sense a change in a switch, light an LED, read the current temperature and barometric pressure, determine your location using a GPS device, and more!

Series: How to build your own $3.2bln Nest Startup using Java SE Embedded tech

Video series on Java ME Embedded

Article: How to become an Embedded Developer in Minutes

Challenge News

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