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IoT Developer Challenge

IoT Developer Challenge

Congratulations to the Winners !

The results are in! Oracle Technology Network and Oracle Academy are proud to announce the winners of the IoT Developer Challenge. Crafted with ingenuity and inspiration, the projects span domotics and robotics; authentication, office design and social media -all using Java and IoT technologies. Discover the six winning teams and their projects in the professional and student categories.


Smart Greenhouse Project – Belarus

A full-featured, automated greenhouse to grow your indoor plants with peace of mind. Remotely control and monitor light, temperature and humidity. Check the growing process remotely with time-lapse photography. Created with Java Embedded, Raspberry Pi, Pi4J, Arduino, Jetty and multiple sensors.

Source code:
Team members: Dzmitry Yasevich, Pavel Vervenko, and Vladimir Redzhepov

Bot-So – India

A smart social robot interacting with you via Twitter. Receive and send tweets to get updates from your home while away. Command the robot to pan the room and send you the video. Change its status to surveillance and get video and pictures when the motion detector is triggered. Built at home using Java Embedded, WiringPi, Twitter4J, Jetty, Raspberry Pi, sensors, and Pi-Cam.

Source code:
Team members: Debraj Dutta, Tapas Bose, and Avinaba Majumder

Lhings Connected Table – Spain

An innovative design for shared office space. Check into your temporary office and use an RFID chip in your wallet to set up your preferred environment, e.g. lights. Connect your smartphone and update your status. Drink your favorite coffee and get billed automatically to your account. Developed with JavaFX, Java Embedded, Java EE, Android application and Lhings for IoT communications.

Source code:
Team members: David Peñuela, José Pereda, and Jose Antonio Lorenzo


First Place: ePot Smart Gardening – Tunisia

A new concept of indoor gardening. Lets users stay connected with their houseplants. Remotely monitor and control indoor environment like temperature and light via a phone application. View status changes in a graph. Developed with Java Embedded, a Galileo board, Yocto Project, SQLite, Putty, and sensors.

Source code:
Team members: Mohamed Khalil Zendah, Mohamed El Mahdi, Bouzaiane, and Mahdi Attia

Second Place: Voice Access – Russia

A voice recognition system. Uses voice and Pin authentication to login into any application or system. Developed with Java Embedded, java FlacEncoder, Raspberry Pi, LCD screen, Wifi, and a web cam with microphone.

Source code:
Team members: Viatcheslav Shkurichev, Maria Chernichenko, and Sergey Chernackij

Third Place: JCon Rates - Morocco

A conference voting system. Rate conference sessions, presentations and keynotes on the way out using NFC chip on the back of attendee badge. Developed with Java Embedded, Pi4J, JavaFX, Raspberry Pi, SQLite, and Play framework.

Source code:
Team members: Aboullaite Mohammed, Abdessamad Amzerin, and Nisrine Jafri

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